Work Saddles

Wenger leather works offers several different styles of training saddles. Each model has different features incorporated to best fit your style of training. All training saddles are built on our standard tree unless ordered otherwise. Our Saddles are made with top of the line leather and materials. All models come with your choice of see color at no additional cost and are made with real sheepskin underneath on the skirts. We stand behind all of our saddles that are ordered and sent out to our customers. We proudly have our guarantee of “If you Buy it, ride it, and don’t like it, don’t take it”. We want you as the customer to be satisfied.

Our first saddle is the light weight model of training saddles. This saddle is built to finish out under 30 pounds and has the shortest skirt length of all of our training saddles. It also comes standard with an in-skirt rigging.

Second in our lineup is our standard round skirt model. This has been our most popular model since day one. Made with all single ply leather and drop rigging D’s in the front and the back. This saddle is made to take years of use without breaking the bank.

Next in our lineup is our square and angled skirt models. These saddles are built the same as the round skirt with the exception of a few fundamental differences. All the parts are ran through our splitter machine and split in half, these parts are then glued and stitch back together. This helps break up the fibers making the saddle feel even more broke in from the start, without compromising the strength or integrity of the saddle.

Finally we have are stainless-steel horn model. This is by far the most advanced training saddle on the market today. This one comes with a stainless-steel horn, in-skirt riggings, and drop riggings in the rear. All the parts are split and stitched like the square and angled models. On this saddle we decided to put a full piece swell cover and a single piece rear housing on it to add to the design. Lastly this saddle comes with the half stainless-steel stirrups, saddle strings and stamped stainless steel Conchos.